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A Letter to Chaplains

Dear Chaplain,

We are a ministry offering free Bible studies to students around the world. We already have thousands of students in prisons around the US. We would like to offer you free materials to give to the prisoners. We will supply you with as many "What if it Were True?" study booklets as you can use at no cost. When the students have filled in the answers and returned their booklets to us, we will grade them and return the first of the 32 Bible lessons for them to begin the Crusader Club studies. These lessons were written by Rev. E. M Ralston while he was on the staff of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

The student is encouraged to write and inquire if he has problems or if there is something he doesn't understand about the lesson. We write a personal letter explaining the answer to him. We take a personal interest in our Club Members and occasionally drop them a note of encouragement or send them a tract or booklet to help them on their way. For individual students we enclose a self-addressed return envelope with their graded lesson and their next lesson to be studied.

We know that prison chaplains are very busy, and some have more than they can do. We try to cooperate with them in any way we can. We will handle the lessons directly. Just make the Introductory Study Booklets available to the prisoners, and we will take care of the rest from there.

To receive What If It Were True? study booklets, just email us your request on our Bible Study request form. Please include the number of booklets requested (up to 300) and the US Mail address, including the street name, as the post office will not deliver a large quantity of these to a PO Box.

Thank you for your ministry to prisoners in your facility! And, if you would, please provide us the names and addresses of other chaplains who might be interested in these Bible studies.

What is God's story for your life? What is God's story for your life? What is God's story for your life? What is God's story for your life? What is God's story for your life?