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About the Mission

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Founded in 1951 by Rev. E.C. Ralston, the mission has had a multi-faceted ministry. For many years Rev. Ralston traveled with his wife Lucille, preaching in Sugar Camps in South Florida and Jamaica, holding children's meetings during Moody Week and Youth for Christ Conferences in Winona Lake, Indiana, representing Moody Bible Institute around the US, and developing the Chapel Crusaders Mission and its Bible correspondence outreach -- Crusaders Club International.

Today the work of the Crusaders Club goes on, with volunteers continuing to send out this series of thirty-two Bible correspondence lessons around the world. Many thousands have become followers of Christ through studying these lessons over the years.

Volunteers receive the Bible lessons in the mail, grade them, answer questions sent in by the club members, and send the graded lessons back, together with the next lesson in the series. The thirty-two lessons are divided into three courses: Course I -- Gospel of John, Course II -- The Christian's Walk, and Course III -- Bible Doctrines.

Upon completing each course, we send club members Certificates of Completion suitable for framing. At the end of Course I, club members receive a New Testament. At the end of Course II, the volunteers mail out nice Bibles to those completing their lessons with a passing grade. After completing Course III, we refer club members to the Mailbox Clubs or to Highways & Hedges Ministries, both sound ministries also providing free Bible correspondence courses to members worldwide.

Volunteers also send out introductory Bible study booklets titled "What if it Were True?" to prison chaplains and prison ministries around the US. These are sent out by the thousands each year. Prisoners completing these are invited to join the Crusaders Club as members and to begin studying the lessons.

Volunteers run the daily operations of the office. The costs of printing the lessons and mailing them are covered by donors who have a burden to continue sending these courses around the world.

We have thousands of club members, mainly prisoners. They are located in almost every state in the US. We also have club members in Jamaica, Aruba, and Barbados in the West Indies, in Ghana, Liberia, and Nigeria, Africa, and in Canada and England. There is only one office - the Carmel office of Crusaders Club International.

From the many hundreds of letters we get each year, what comes through is that, although the club members are blessed by the lessons, pins, certificates, and small gifts, what most draws them to us and keeps them with us is the personal touch of correspondence. The very fact that someone outside prison cares enough about them to grade their lessons, correspond with them, and provide them with free Bibles touches them. Many in prisons have not had anyone ever care about them at all. That's a great part of the reason they ended up as they have.

We get many decision cards each month indicating that club members have accepted Christ as their Savior. However, we do not formally keep track of these. The volunteers pray for those sending in the cards, but only the Lord knows those who have truly been saved. He is keeping those records.

What is God's story for your life? What is God's story for your life? What is God's story for your life? What is God's story for your life? What is God's story for your life?
Rev. & Mrs. E. C. Ralston